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Site is under construction daily.. Feel free to shop around and you can still purchase items.. Grand opening is still a few months away so add your input and suggestions to customize your shopping experience.  Prices are negotiable. The prices are suggested retail price, but I can work with individuals on some things. Don't leave before you get your price quote. Thank you for visiting my site and you have just found your new shopping site. 

CIC has a line dedicated to bringing you the highest quality clothing available in the world today.  With today's Global Economy and the competitive clothing and electronics market, there are literally thousands of companies producing clothes & electronics competing for your business.  With so many companies competing over the years for business, the overall outcome of the situation has produced a line of cloned clothing second to none.  The only difference between our product and the authentic, is price.  You can literally save hundreds and even thousands of dollars shopping in our stores.  Clothing and shoes such as Air Jordan, Affliction Shoes, Jeans and T shirts, Ed Hardy Jeans, Shirts & Swimsuits, Nike Air Max, Nike Dunk, Air Force 1 &Timberland Boots.  We also carry a large inventory of Nintendo Wii, DSI, Sony Play Station, X-box Games & Accessories. Car stereos, 3.5 inch screen to 7 inch touchscreen dvd player with touchscreen control and blue tooth capabilities with GPS Navigation featuring turn by turn voice directions.  Rear view cameras linked to stereo for the all seeing safe driver (check with insurance company, some companies lower premium with this feature)  Need a computer, we have Laptops, Mini-laptops, Mp-3,4 players, I-pods, I-Phones, Digital Cameras. California Clothing & Electronics offers everything you need at prices you cannot beat anywhere.  

This site is brand new and under construction daily.  At the end of each page is a comment card, when you leave your thoughts and opinions of the site I then take your suggestions and incorporate them into the site.  Customer Service is our number one priority and satisfaction is guaranteed.  Not all items on site are cloned.  Some are Authentic and noted as so.  

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